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mxGraph is the market leading JavaScript Graph Visualization Component

Actively developed since 2005, mxGraph technology is used in at least 74 out of the the Fortune 100 companies as of March 2014.

Works everywhere

We don't stop at modern desktop browsers, we support Internet Explorer back to version 9, Android, iOS, Windows and Chromebook touch devices,

Nor do we disable features on older or less mainstream browsers. All functionality is implemented 100% in every browser, there's no graceful degradation, everything looks and behaves exactly the same, everywhere.

Logos of browsers that mxGraph supports, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Android browser and iOS browser

Deliver faster - maintain less

mxGraph provides you with a single, consistent, complete API that enables you to easily create a consistent application in any environment. You don't need to worry about new browser versions, we have them fully tested before they are production released.

mxGraph also includes our complete application example, GraphEditor. GraphEditor means you can focus on application details from the outset.

Proven technology

Many of the world largest companies regularly use mxGraph because we understand that Enterprise support means:

  • 10+ years support lifecycles
  • Long term support of every architecture branch
  • Support for accessibility and internationalization
  • Fully in-house code, no open source legal diligence

Framework neutral

With the huge number of JavaScript frameworks available, you don't want the added complexity of a library that doesn't play well with any framework choice. mxGraph makes no assumptions about the way you build your application, it's written using vanilla JavaScript.

Fully documented, Developer Centric

With full API specifications, a complete range of examples and in-depth articles about feature topics, mxGraph helps developers learn fast and maintain more easily.